At MCA, our purpose is to provide students with a solid academic foundation with biblical integration.  Biblical integration, along with a rigorous curriculum, enables our students to become critical thinkers with a biblical worldview.  

As well as providing a rigorous academic environment, we also understand the importance of leading our students in their social and emotional development. Throughout the year, our students have opportunities to grow and develop in the areas of serving others, caring for one another, self-governance, honor, and respect towards others, striving for excellence, and never giving up.  In our world today, these characteristics will cause our students to stand out and ultimately bring glory to God.

Educational Philosophy

At Mauldin Christian Academy we use the Abeka curriculum as well as other resources that provide a solid academic foundation for our students.  We take a phonetic approach to teaching students to read with an emphasis on expression, fluency, and comprehension.

Our traditional approach to education includes history with a patriotic focus, science with hands-on labs, classic literature and poetry, challenging non-common core mathematics, and Bible lessons that encourage students to pursue a relationship with God.  Our students are encouraged and given opportunities to advance in their critical thinking skills and learn in an environment that encourages questions.

The school day includes biblical integration in all subjects as well as in leading our students in how to be Godly examples to others, patriotic citizens, and world changers.

In the classroom, students will have opportunities to grow and take on new challenges in a safe environment where trying new things isn’t intimidating, and students will learn how to use critical thinking skills to solve problems in the classroom and then apply it to our bigger world.

Research demonstrates that students who have a routine and a structured environment are better learners.  Our teachers will provide routine and structure in the classroom that not only recognizes the student’s developmental age but also honors God in how He intended us to process information.  Because we know God created us with different learning styles, we will also provide opportunities in the classroom for visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic learning.

Overall, our curriculum is created with God’s plan for the learner in mind, and it is an honor to love and lead our students at Mauldin Christian Academy.