FAQs for Daycare and Morning-Only Preschool Programs

What are your hours of operation?

Front Office 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  Monday – Friday
Daycare classes 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
Morning Only Preschool Early Arrival 7:30 – 8:30 for additional fee.
Morning Only Preschool classes 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon Monday – Friday            Morning-Only Preschool Late Stay 12:00 – 2:00 for additional fee           

When can I tour the school?

To schedule a tour call 864-288-1917 to make an appointment.

What is the student-teacher ratio?

Ratio requirements differ for each age group. The student-teacher ratio in every daycare
classroom at MCA meets or is better than the requirements of the S.C. Department of Social
Services. You may contact us to inquire about the ratio in a specific age group. 864-288-1917.

Do teachers undergo a background check?

All teacher applicants submit fingerprints and undergo a background check through both the Criminal Records database and the Central Registry of Child Abuse and Neglect.

In addition, teachers submit a comprehensive health statement and a TB test verification.  Teachers submit required documents to verify their eligibility for employment in this country.

  • Teachers must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Teachers sign a statement of “no corporal punishment”.

What is the daycare “vacation week” policy?

When an MCA family has completed at least 52 consecutive paid weeks in daycare, there is one no-pay vacation week available for use each school year.  A school year begins in August.

What is the summer opt-out program?

A current MCA family can hold their child’s place in daycare by paying half tuition for each summer week while not attending. During the opt-out summer, a child may attend by giving one week of advance notice for up to 15 non-consecutive days, using no more than three days in any week.

What immunizations are required?

We require a valid South Carolina Certificate of Immunization (Form DHEC 2740-A) or medical, religious or special exemption.  These may be mailed or faxed from your physician’s office.

What if my child is sick?

Please keep sick children home. MCA will call you if your child becomes sick while at school.

A doctor’s note is not required for a child to return to school unless the child had surgery such as getting ear tubes, or having tonsils removed. After any surgery, please keep your child at home for at least one day, then bring a doctor’s note releasing your child to participate in all school activities.

Attendance in daycare is recorded.  

Do teachers participate in professional development?

YES, the teachers meet or exceed DSS requirements for 15 credit hours per year of professional training.

FAQs for Elementary Grades

What are your hours of operation?

Elementary grades 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Monday – Friday
Afterschool program 2:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday

When can I tour the school?

To schedule a tour call 864-288-1917 to make an appointment.

What is the student-teacher ratio?

Typical classroom ratios are:
  • K5: 16 students with 2 teachers
  • Grades 1-5: 14 students with 1 teacher
Research shows that small class size has a remarkably positive effect on student achievement. MCA is committed to the value of small class size.

What if we arrive late?

A student is tardy after 8:30 a.m. and will report to the front office for a late pass to enter class.

Drop-off car line is available from 7:30 a.m. – 8:25 a.m. each morning. After 8:25 a.m., please pull around to the main MCA office, park your car and bring your student to the office to sign in.

Does MCA follow the Greenville County School District school calendar?

Yes, with some exceptions. Weather related closings at MCA do not always follow Greenville County School District. MCA program closings are listed with WYFF4 News.

Is transportation provided?

Families provide transportation to and from MCA.  The school’s buses are used only for field trips.

Is there a uniform?

Our students follow a dress code. The dress code guidelines are based on both biblical standards and the need for children to learn to dress modestly and tastefully.  Scripture says that the bodies of Christians are the temples of the Holy Spirit (I Cor. 6:19-20). The dress code is established to provide guidelines for parents and students on the appropriate attire. If the faculty and staff must spend time enforcing the dress code, it detracts from teaching and learning time, which is the main purpose of the school. If a child’s outfit does not meet the dress code, a parent will be called to bring a change of clothes.

The elementary dress code will consist of the following basic guidelines.

Bottoms – Shorts, capris, skirts, skorts are permitted but must be no shorter than 2.5 inches from the middle of the kneecap.  This is the width of a dollar bill. Keeping in mind that children’s arms and legs vary so much from child to child, we have decided we will no longer accept the garment being at the child’s fingertips as an acceptable length.

As a general rule, if skirts do not have built in shorts, please have girls wear shorts or leggings underneath.  Leggings can be found in many lengths, including above the knee, capri and full-length. We feel this change is necessary to have a concrete, universal guideline by which parents and staff can easily measure their child.  We want to ensure our students are appropriately covered and dressed modestly.

Tops – No tank tops or spaghetti strap tops for girls.  Straps must be 3 adult fingers in width. No sleeveless shirts for boys.  No offensive comments or pictures are allowed on shirts; i.e., skulls, Sponge Bob, etc.

Shoes – Shoes with backs must be worn at all times.  Sandals with backs are okay, but are discouraged due to safety concerns.  No flip-flops, CROCS, light up shoes, spinning heels or heeleys are allowed.  Shoe height must be no more than 1 inch. On P.E. days, tennis shoes must be worn.

Hats are not permitted at any time.

All clothing should be in good repair – no holes or frayed material.

Hair of a non-human color is not permitted.

What curriculum do you use?

MCA uses the renowned A-Beka curriculum.  This curriculum helps students make spiritual connections in each subject.

What does it cost to attend MCA?

MCA has very affordable tuition rates for all elementary grades, K5 – 5th. View our rates.

Are parents happy with the school?

Surveys of MCA families report that families list the following as their favorite characteristics of the school. Loving teachers, caring staff members, challenging academics, family-like atmosphere, Christian role-models, teachers who patiently answer all our questions, and many other similar comments. Follow us on Facebook to see current testimonials.

How many days must my child come to school?

Students are required to attend 170 out of 180 days of school. A student’s consistency in attending is a key factor for mastering the daily lessons. Daily lessons often build on each other, making absence leave a gap in learning. Please plan to assist your student by getting him or her to school on time every day except for times of illness. When a student must be absent, please send a doctor’s note or parent’s note explaining the absence. A student who accumulates ten absences in a school year must then provide a doctor’s note for each absence thereafter.

What if my child is sick and cannot attend school?

Please keep a sick child at home so illnesses will not spread to others at school. Contact the teacher to request the work that needs to be made up. Send a doctor’s note or parent’s note explaining the absence when your child returns to school.

Is my child too ill to attend school?

A child must be fever free without medication for at least 24 hours after an illness to return to school. Children with vomiting or diarrhea should also be symptom free without medication for 24 hours before returning to school. Pink eye is very contagious and must be treated by a doctor before a child returns to school.

Please notify the school if your child is diagnosed with a contagious illness. We may choose to notify the families of students who may have been exposed.

Is there a hot lunch program?

YES, there is a hot lunch option available each school day at MCA. Lunch costs $3.00 per day and includes milk or water to drink.

A carton of milk can be purchased for 50 cents without buying lunch or in addition to the milk that comes with hot lunch.

Students may bring their own lunch if preferred. There is no microwave for student use. No sodas allowed in lunches.  Please help your child do their best in school by packing a nutritious lunch. No fast food is allowed to be brought in for students.

How will I know if the school is closing early or is closed for bad weather?

School closings are announced on WYFF4 News. MCA has three listings with WYFF4.  The programs are listed individually as MCA daycare, MCA preschool, and MCA elementary school.

We will also post closings on the MCA Facebook and website.

What are the school entrance requirements?

A student must be of appropriate age by September 1 to enroll.
For example, kindergartners must be 5 by September 1 to enroll in K5.

How can my child transfer to MCA?

Schedule a tour!  Tour times are available to fit your schedule.

What immunizations are required?

We require a valid South Carolina Certificate of Immunization (Form DHEC 2740-A) or medical, religious or special exemption.  These may be mailed or faxed from your physician’s office.

What is the grading scale?

MCA follows the grading scale used by Greenville County School District.
A 90-100
B 80-89
C 70-79
D 60-69
F below 60

Are there any tuition discounts?

YES, there are tuition discounts available. There is a multi-child discount. There is also a discount for paying for the whole school year in advance.