Financial Policies

  1. Enrollment at MCA is a full year commitment to attendance and tuition responsibility.
  2. All fees including application, enrollment, or re-enrollment fees are non-refundable.
  3. MONTHLY payments will auto draft on the first Friday of each month, August through May.
  4. WEEKLY payments will begin the first week of school and continue for 42 consecutive weeks.
  5. TUITION PAID IN FULL by August 1 will receive a 5% discount. There are no multiple discounts applied to tuition so please choose the best discount that applies to your family.
  6. ANNUAL tuition is divided into equal monthly payments regardless of holidays or number of days in a month.
  7. If your tuition draft is returned, a $30 fee will be added to my account.
  8. Curriculum and Technology Fees are to be paid June-August.
  9. If an account is delinquent by one month, arrangements to bring the account current must be made with the business office.
  10. If an account is delinquent by two months, services may be terminated immediately. 
  11. Past Due balances will accrue a 5% late fee charge.
  12. If withdrawal becomes necessary, a WRITTEN NOTICE is required of at least ONE MONTH prior to the student’s last day at MCA. If less than one month’s notice is given, I understand I will be charged one month’s tuition from the date of notice.